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So I’m sick as a parrot and bored to tears

So here’s a thing – after a month of being something akin to healthy I’ve gone down with labyrinthitis again (I am still totally open to any David Bowie jokes, by the way) and I’m finding it hard to read because I can’t get comfortable because of the pain and I just feel very grumpy and sorry for myself. Aww.

No, wait. No “aww”. I have all this downtime and what I should be doing, says the pesky little voice inside, is writing. I haven’t written for ages, since before the first bout of this ridiculousness, before I got the job at Waterstones, since the summer – not for ages. This is the perfect time to chip away at that writer’s block. I don’t even know why I stopped. Just got dispirited one day, I think.

Apparently, I am writing a blog post about this silly thing instead. On my phone. Which is pretty awesome, really. What’s not awesome is the vague guilt that I’m not spending this time writing what I want to write, all the stories I’ve got in my head. It doesn’t take much just to throw the early form of it on to a page. I have energy enough for this, but apparently not for that.

So, I ask you, general and noble public: how the hell do you make yourself write? What’s your proverbial kick up the bum? What’s the dynamite under your bedding? Grumpy ill girl would like to know!

Daily Distractables!

So I am the sort of person who needs high-grade distractions on a daily basis. I am going to share the fruits of my distraction truffle-snuffling to improve the lives of others less insanely internet-happy than myself in the hope that we can create weapons grade procrastination that will improve our moods, save the world and make everything cute and fluffy.

Lies. I am just sharing silly things. I won’t be doing these posts every day but I shall try to, I warn ye.

FIRSTLY mon petit wotsits you have until the 9th August to enter the wonderful Jessie’s most excellent (and first!) book giveaway on her blog Bibliophile Anonymous. Pick your prize! There’s YA and fantasy and bits and bobs of a most intriguing nature there, and the rest of it ain’t bad either, so go go go go go. And then come back.

For the readers and writers out there io9 recently posted an interesting list of Great Character Descriptions From Science Fiction & Fantasy, consisting of passages from George RR Martin’s A Game Of Thrones, Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Lord of the Rings, Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Kurt Vonnegut, among others. It’s an interesting, varied list, worth a look for the different styles used to different effect, even if you think a couple of the excerpts are hilariously out-of-place on such a list.

Brilliant illustrations of terrible dates and conversations on Stupid Guys I Have Dated. Many a “Oh my god what no” and “Oh man that one’s familiar” from this end, not gonna lie. There should be something general along these lines, about both Stupid Guys and Stupid Girls – if anyone knows of one, tell me, or if I’ve forgotten one, remind me. And if you find that entertaining then Hayley Campbell’s post Brief Interviews With Hideous Men is also delightful.

I am sorry to do this to you but Pony Swag (via Liam, who is the one you need to blame, go blame him).

Genius author/blogger Kate Hart investigates YA covers in response to the Wall Street Journal silliness earlier this year in her blog post Uncovering YA Covers: How Dark Are They? and it’s an ongoing thing so I can’t wait for more. Basically, if you think YA is dark and gnarly and an awful influence on the youth, you are thinking about Twilight (which is so dark and gnarly it has a forest! And its vampires are SHINY so what on earth). Also you would be wrong.

Awesome new project from fun man of Find Chaffy goodness Jamie Smart – Hairy Steve! It is a project in need of funding, and doesn’t need much, so if you have any spare monies it looks like it’s going to be delightful and I am well excited for’t.

Also should any of you fine, upstanding folks find anything of interest please do send me links for when I’m bored, even if it is yet AGAIN the slow loris being tickled, because that will never stop being so cute it breaks the language centre in my brain.