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Daily Distractables!

I’ve just had two days off work and done no reading whatsoever. I’ve watched things and listened to things and ate things (ate ALL the things). I’ve also spent a straight-out ugly amount of time sodding around on the internet. As a result, here’s another Daily Distractable, because even if I can’t do them every day they’re still worth posting sometimes!


Oh man please watch Archer please please please. I rarely laugh out loud at television unless I’m with people, but the level of humour and the dialogue and the amazing voice acting in Archer make me howl with laughter every episode. Sterling Archer is a complete asshat, a secret agent who’s a complete bastard, and to make it even better he works for his mum. And it’s hysterical. The further you get through the series the more the other characters start to shine, and I freely admit that there’s a scene involving Cheryl and her ocelot that had me curled up weeping with laughter. I only remember that one because omfg WHO ELSE WRITES AN OCELOT INTO AN ANIMATION ABOUT SECRET AGENTS but there have been plenty of moments where I’ve been utterly beside myself. This is a GREAT show. Fans of Arrested Development, you’ll be delighted at who voices Archer’s mum, because it’s the perfect casting.

Once Upon A Time

It’s a bit ridiculous how obsessed I got with this series. I tried it after Grimm, which was pretty hollow and disappointing, and ended up effectively mainlining five episodes one after the other as fast as I could load them. It has an annoying boy-child actor, true, and the Evil Queen is a bit of a caricature, but there’s so much about it that just works and it’s compulsive viewing if you even vaguely slightly enjoy fairy-tales and re-writings of them. It’s like Fables but it’s distinct enough to have interesting twists and surprises and as a massive, massive Fables fan, there’s so much difference between them it’s only in concept that they seem similar, not execution. It’s fun and dark, romantic without being stupidly dreamy about it, and the more we discover about Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin the happier I am. Perfect Sunday night viewing. I’m just annoyed it means I have to watch it on Mondays. Like Archer, this is totally gonna-buy-the-box-set material.

And now, what is quite possibly the worst book ever written.

If you need help recovering from that, check out Flavorwire’s list of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Finally, here’s a link about something that has irritated the living hell out of me for years now but from a man’s perspective, which is so, so good to see, and should be read by loads of people (link comes from Elizabeth May on twitter, and she’s amazing, I recommend her to everyone AND she’s on book covers AND her first book gets published next year, so let me reiterate, she’s amazing): A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not “Crazy”.

Definitely time for tea now.