Reviews Policy/Contact Stuffage

So hello there.

If you want to contact me, my email is ewacat @ (without the spaces, obviously!). I live in London, UK so bear that in mind as it’s quite far away from some places, apparently. Or so I hear.

I can also be contacted via twitter if needs be.



So I am all sorts of relaxed about my reviewing because it’s mostly all just me being enthusiastic about books I read (and some other things). What I like is the following:

  • Most kinds of fantasy
  • Some soft SF (I’m open to trying more of the hard SF at some point though)
  • YA, mostly of a fantastical, SF, weird or supernatural bent
  • Graphic novels (I tend to avoid the Marvel/DC superheroes these days, though I will always love X-Men)
  • Horror
  • A very light smattering of paranormal romance/urban fantasy

So, yes.

I generally try to post my reviews as soon as they’re written. I don’t review every single book I read, just the ones I get a strong feeling about or have something curious about them, though I am working on writing up everything I read just for completeness. I get sent proofs as part of my job working in a bookshop; I’ll be honest in the reviews as I am when talking to people on the shop floor. I know not every single book is not to everyone’s taste, and I try to show that in my reviews – I’m as positive as I can be, even if I don’t like it, but in those circumstances I’ll still say I don’t like it. Books I’m given that I don’t get on with are usually given to friends or the local charity shops.

I’m going to start rating books out of ten, if only for ease of organization. I will probably also rate things with fractions and decimal points because I had a terrible maths teacher at school and misusing maths and numbers feels like a justifiable revenge. No, I never grew up, no.


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