About Me

My name is Ewa and I don’t take myself or this blog very seriously, FYI.

My name does not stand for European Water Agency (although, I concede, it could) and it is not pronounced “Eww-ah”. It’s “Ever”, or “Eva”, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Books and I get along very well. I did English and Philosophy at uni (studied Anglo-Saxon literature too so I am a massive word-dork), and I’ve had an ongoing obsession with fantasy literature of various types since I was five. Hence the fantasy-centric nature of this blog. I also enjoy some young adult books, a few crime novels, the odd bit of romance (and FFS the well-written stuff is not a shameful thing to enjoy and I’m so tired of people who think it is), historical novels, horror, sci fi (mainly in film or TV form)… bits and bobs, really. I like strong female characters, strong male characters, pretty book covers, steampunk, gents in suits with waistcoats and top hats and moustaches and bow ties, Georgette Heyer, PG Wodehouse, Tolkien, Guy Gavriel Kay, Neil Gaiman, hob nob biscuits, penguins, alpacas, chicken chow mein, my sister’s baking, shiny things and masquerade balls. If anyone could manage to put all these things into one book, I will be impressed. And possibly in love.

I spent a while working for Lush at the Covent Garden flagship store as the staff trainer so I know stuff about Lush and people ask me about the products quite a bit. Although I am now working at an excellent Waterstones selling books to anyone who unwittingly strays across my path, I am still big on Lush products, and probably always will.

Speaking of that Waterstones job – I run the SFF, Horror and Dark Fantasy sections at my store, as well as co-run the Graphic Novels and Manga with Jess, who I would like to start tweeting/blogging because she’s ace. It’s my profession to geek out about books. YESSS I know right.

I’m always writing something. I have thirteen projects on the go, two that I consider serious. The rest are sort of vague. Like this paragraph. This paragraph is so totally vague.

Quite a lot of my distractability is down to my ADHD. I like having ADHD. I am never properly bored. It’s hell in social settings though.

My first language is Polish, but I don’t have it any more.

I am mostly powered by tea. Litres and litres of tea.

I’m 6ft 1, wear big boots and always suffer from insomnia and I’m-Not-Sure-What-To-Read-Next-itis.


E x

Mustache? Must dash.



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1 thought on “About Me

  1. Clare Eden - Exec Producer

    have you heard the groundbreaking sci-fi/fantasy audio drama Minister of Chance, & if not, would you like us to give you a copy ?

    ‘The Minister’ first appeared in the Whovian audio DEATH COMES TO TIME but this series gives the character a life and universe of his own and stars Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy and Jenny Agutter with Julian Wadham in the title role. I hoped it might appeal to you ? You can pick up the link for the free 8 minute Prologue at http://www.ministerofchance.com – but let me know if you’d like me to give you a copy of Episode 1 too and I’ll email one over?

    It’s the first audiodrama made for direct sale to the public as an mp3, and it has also just been picked up by iTunes as the 1st audiodrama on their sales catalogue. They approached us having watched us release the first instalment via our own site & were so impressed by the innovation & quality that they looked for a way round their system to get us on there – but it’s such a brand new concept we still need to make sure people know it exists. We’re funded by overdrafts so with a laughable publicity budget and we’re trying to get it on the radar of people that we think may like it. I thought it might appeal to you so hope it’s of some interest and not just littering your inbox – apologies if it is!

    Clare Eden (Exec Prod)

    “Every review of The Minister of Chance works out the same: it’s fantastic…the actors are brilliant…the story is gripping…this pioneering radiophonic drama has us spellbound.” 10th Planet

    “brilliant.. joyous… highly recommended..” Mike Sizemore, Writer. @sizemore

    “ambitious and innovative…excellent production …gripping.” The Guardian


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