A Selection Of Ways In Which I Have Done Mischief To Myself

Look I’ve got nothing else to do and I threatened to do this and I did it. With dreadful puns. I have taken enough painkillers today to make them funny to me so shut up.

Aged 10 I ran into the side of a building (let’s clarify – red brick, huge, right smack in the middle) and broke my arm. I tried to cover up for this with all manner of shameless lies blaming other people that I can’t even remember because they were clearly insane. To this day I cannot explain what happened. I was late for Lois & Clarke, see, and I was running, and then there was this wall in my way, so… I decided to run through it? Or something?

In January 2010 I went to a masquerade ball at the V&A. My hideously ugly mask obscured everything below waist height for about three feet around, which as any fule kno is just ASKING for trouble. I tripped over the metal bar that surrounded a huge stone font and slammed face first into the ground; to this day I wish I’d seen it happen, because can you IMAGINE. It was amazing. Everyone around me went quiet. Security guards rushed to my aid. I still have bruised dents in my lower legs from landing on top of the bar. I was entirely sober. The upside is that at least I got a bit of a story out of it. (“Upside”.)

I got a papercut from a pair of leggings. I was pulling them on, something sharp ripped at my finger, and then blood. Leggings. Papercut from a pair of leggings. That’s the worst. I’ve never fully trusted a pair of leggings since.

I have a scar on the back of my left leg from where I made a cup of tea. As I was pouring the water into the mug, the kettle clearly had other ideas, and sent water cascading from around the lid and down my leg onto a pair of tights that were already full of runs. I was so drunk I thought it was okay despite the fact that it felt disgustingly painful. I was maimed by a cup of tea that I didn’t even really like because I put the wrong tea bag in.

Literally put my back out while washing my hands over a sink that is far too low for anyone over 5ft 8. I’m 6ft 1. My back couldn’t cope. If you’re going to put your back out I’d hope it’d be due to some pretty banging sex or rescuing someone from falling off a cliff or SOMETHING more interesting than WASHING YOUR HANDS over a sink that is DANGEROUSLY LOW. I hate sinks.

Feel free to share your own tales of woe. Might even share the thing about the goggles too at some point but I’m tired and need to lie down because OH GOD MY BACK IT HURTS

3 thoughts on “A Selection Of Ways In Which I Have Done Mischief To Myself

  1. zeeblet

    Years ago at a youth group thing I dislocated and fractured my little finger running towards then leaning into a wall to avoid being tagged. Held up finger sticking out at an angle to one of the supervising adults and said “Um.”. She happened to be an emergency surgeon so just, er, relocated it for me. Very helpful.

  2. Autumn2May

    The best tale of woe I have is from a friend. He was leaning over a paper bag to look inside and got a paper cut ON HIS EYE. To this day we can’t figure out how he did it. XD

    Back pain sucks. And it is grossly unfair that there aren’t special sinks for tall people (fellow tall girl here). Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Katie

    It’s reassuring to know it’s not just me who does things like this. Once, when I was little, I managed to shut my EAR in the bathroom door. I’m not quite sure how I did that. And when I was a student I put my bottom through a glass door – although I miraculously managed not to injure myself that time.


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