So I’m sick as a parrot and bored to tears

So here’s a thing – after a month of being something akin to healthy I’ve gone down with labyrinthitis again (I am still totally open to any David Bowie jokes, by the way) and I’m finding it hard to read because I can’t get comfortable because of the pain and I just feel very grumpy and sorry for myself. Aww.

No, wait. No “aww”. I have all this downtime and what I should be doing, says the pesky little voice inside, is writing. I haven’t written for ages, since before the first bout of this ridiculousness, before I got the job at Waterstones, since the summer – not for ages. This is the perfect time to chip away at that writer’s block. I don’t even know why I stopped. Just got dispirited one day, I think.

Apparently, I am writing a blog post about this silly thing instead. On my phone. Which is pretty awesome, really. What’s not awesome is the vague guilt that I’m not spending this time writing what I want to write, all the stories I’ve got in my head. It doesn’t take much just to throw the early form of it on to a page. I have energy enough for this, but apparently not for that.

So, I ask you, general and noble public: how the hell do you make yourself write? What’s your proverbial kick up the bum? What’s the dynamite under your bedding? Grumpy ill girl would like to know!

2 thoughts on “So I’m sick as a parrot and bored to tears

  1. Jennie Ivins (@Autumn2May)

    If I’m having trouble getting myself to write for some reason, I schedule a time to do it. Today for example, I have editing scheduled for after my kids go to bed. I treat it like an actual appointment. I write it on the calendar, tell my husband, and turn down any other plans that come up. Once I start back to it, that’s usually enough to get me back in the groove. But if I end up getting stuck again, I schedule another writing/editing only night.

    Also, don’t worry if your first attempt at writing after a break doesn’t go as well as you hope. Even if you end up scrapping most of it, just starting again is the real victory here. 🙂

    My mom had labyrinthitis a few years ago, so I know it’s not fun. Hope you’re feeling better soon. ~hugs~

    1. ewasr Post author

      Thanks! Treating a writing session as an official, actual Thing strikes me as a good approach – I’m so disorganized at the best of times it can only lead to better things. Great idea!


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