On Getting A Job At Lush: The best advice I can give

EPIC POST ALERT oh my god writing this has wiped me out and it’s stupidly long. I hope it helps. Please do ask questions if you have any. I don’t think I even remotely covered everything.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on a couple of forums about trial shifts and interviews for Lush where people have drawn the worst possible conclusions about the company, the staff and the selling. I got a bit fed up so I thought I’d set the record straight – only I’m not going to be negative about it, I’m going to be positive, because that’s what Lush did to me. I’ve finally got a job working at a bookshop (i.e., where I’ve always wanted to work) so I’m passing on what I’ve gleaned about Lush in the hope that someone else with the enthusiasm, the drive, the energy and the interest can go into a Lush shop, get a good job and make the most of it. People who want to work for Lush without putting the effort in just shouldn’t apply (and it is an effort – it’s like being on stage every shift for hours and having to ad lib every line in a massive stage production). Like book shops or perfume shops, to work there you’re effectively required to be a specialist. So before I launch into this good and proper here are some things that need to be the case before you even consider handing your CV in:

– KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS. I don’t mean know them inside-out; I mean know what suits you, what you like, and why. I used Lush for three years before I applied to the shop – just a few bits here and there, because it is pricey (the product quality is high and the mark up is far less than other things you’ll find on the high street). Know what you like and why – I never liked one of the most popular perfumes because I don’t like heavy over-powering fragrances like jasmine, but I knew I liked vanilla and spicy fragrances, so I could enthuse about those without being negative. I knew my skin was oily so I knew which products from the website (and forum!) worked best for my skin and hair and why – for instance, products with a lot of citrus in absorb oil, so they’re the first stop for oily skin and scalps. Things like that. It’s not hard, but it means you have somewhat of an understanding about what to point at in an interview or a trial shift. That’s how product knowledge starts – know what your products are.

– KNOW THE COMPANY. It’s an eco-friendly environmentally minded non-advertising company that is so green it gives the Incredible Hulk a run for his money. The world is one of their main concerns (yes, along with profit, because that’s how they pay people). They are activists. Know what they stand for, look at their past campaigns – and above all make sure you’re comfortable being a front for their beliefs. If you share their beliefs then that’s awesome. It’s brilliant to work for a company you can take pride in. If you have issues with any groups they’ve supported, make sure you’re okay with supporting them too – though I had doubts I believed in the products so much it wasn’t a problem because my entire reason for being there was to make sure customers found what suited them and didn’t waste their money. I had many colleagues who were entirely on board with the causes Lush promoted; when you work for a company that represents the very things you want to change in the world, and sells products you believe in, it’s a very special conjunction and is far too rare these days.

– LIKE THE PRODUCTS. Oh, seriously. If you applied to Lush because you “liked the atmosphere” or think “it looks like fun” you’re crazy and deep down you know it. There’s so much more to it than that. You have to at least like what you’ve used. You have to know why you like it. You have to have some sort of enthusiasm for the brand, for the message, for the atmosphere. That’s what you’re selling – an experience as much as a product. You want everyone to enjoy being in your shop and around you, spending money if possible, but even if they don’t you want them to leave having loved their time in the shop and wanting to go back. Samples help but the easiest way is to show how much you love the stuff you’re selling. There are so few places on the high street that allow you to wax lyrical about the amazing stuff you can prove feels great to use. You get to champion stuff you care about. Goddamnit, it’s fun, and that positivity is only part of what gives Lush that awesome vibe that people love. And if you don’t like Lush stuff THAT much then don’t fanny about – there are loads of people out there who genuinely love the products.

– HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR GODDAMNIT. People are arseholes. In retail you get crap from the public day in, day out, and I’ve never had it so bad as I did at Lush. There are loads of reasons for it – everything from the fact that recommending products to help with eczema in sensitive areas requires really personal questioning to the slightly less icky fact that you have to greet everyone who comes in with at least a smile and nod. People hate that. People hate being spoken to. People hate being sold to. People hate being lectured. You’re going to have to do all those things and do it with such charm that they a) take your advice and b) come back. You have to have a sense of humour to cope with the level of mean responses you’ll get, as well as to keep hold of your “audience”. When I was little I could write essays – any and all story-telling abilities I have now I got on the shop floor explaining how good my favourite bath bomb smells when you use it with a particular bubble bar, or setting the scene for a husband buying a present for his wife or kids in a hurry. It’s a stage. Don your stage persona and perform; nothing’s personal. Just keep smiling. You hit the moment pretty quickly where suddenly you’re enjoying it – customers stop being a chore and become a welcome challenge. I’ve made some brilliant friends out there. You just have to pretend that you’re the world’s greatest source of positivity.

So if you can tick these four things off, you’re well on your way. I can’t advise how to get your CV noticed or any of that because I never had a hand in that side of things. What I can advise on is the group interview. It’s important to point out here that I was in one of the biggest Lush shops for some time, so in the smaller shops it’s probably entirely different. But, yeah.

I worked with a bunch of people who are going on to become authors, lawyers, dancers, singers, actors, playwrights and all sorts. They were all creative and willing to make tits of themselves (yes, even the lawyer – ESPECIALLY the lawyer!) to amuse and entertain. Everyone has their own creative streak, and you need to stand out from the crowd in that group interview by being inventive and unique and memorable while still being yourself. Think outside the damn box. I can’t predict the questions or challenges you’ll be asked but they’ll likely be quite unpredictable. I can’t give hints about how to get through because only the best people should get through, and your task is to prove that’s you. It’s nerve-wracking – one group interview involved singing or rapping, for heaven’s sake, and the prospect of that still makes me hella queasy. It’s about how you tackle it. You need to prove that you can think fast, know what you’re dealing with and at least pretend to be at ease. Show those four points above with that dash of originality without disrupting everything for the other applicants – coming up to Christmas there’ll be more than one spot open so don’t dwell on competition. Your job is to advertise and prove yourself, everyone else be damned. If you’re asked to sing and, like me, cannot sing, think outside the box. Asked what item of clothing you’re the most like? Think outside the box. Need to sell a gift box to the interviewer? Well, how entertaining can you make that sale?

Also, not all personalities suit all shops. I went from a small one to a big one. I was hired in the first place for my enthusiasm and, I suspect, because I knew loads about the products having used them. If you don’t get the job in a big shop because you’re too laid back or too shy, don’t give up! Smaller shops need gentler sales assistants. That’s pretty generalized – all shops need all sorts – but the idea is that if you don’t fit in one place it doesn’t mean you won’t fit in anywhere else. The shops all have different atmospheres.

Trial shifts are complicated. Again, I’m not of much help – you have to be the right fit and different managers and management teams need different types of people, so I’d be a crap guide there. Always: be yourself. When it comes to being a Lush sales person, even just for a couple of hours, what you need to remember is to stay calm, be positive and be conscientious.

It’s easy to get scared shitless. I was. I was completely new to the idea of talking to strangers as it was my first stint in retail (I still hate talking to strangers) and all I remember about my prep was googling madly looking for all the advice on selling that I could get. I found nothing of any use. I was trembling, my palms were sweaty, I spent half an hour just refilling the bowls to keep them as warm as possible. I was crap. Then a man walked in wearing the most tremendous steampunky coat with brass buttons and a wonderful collar, so good I had to comment on it; suddenly it was well easy. Compliments work! The people who are open to being spoken to respond while the people who aren’t just accept it and move on – it’s not a foolproof method but it’s a good way to get started. You don’t need to sell in your trial shift (… IT HELPS) but you do need to open conversations with customers, greet them and make them feel welcome. Keep an eye out and make sure you don’t talk to someone who’s already been spoken to. Open questions (not yes/no duds like “Do you have baths?” but questions like “What’s your favourite scent?” that need a considered answer). Etc.

Sidenote: people hate Lush staff because they’re considered to “bother” customers. You can’t not do it, it’s the job to approach people. My solution was always to do drive-bys – wander past and point out that you love what they’re looking at, for instance. If you hang around a Lush shop on a Saturday you’d see how it’s done. And as for asking if people are okay – most of the products don’t have packaging (eco-friendly!) and are pretty eccentric as skin care etc things go, so people genuinely don’t know what they’re looking at half the time. Lush staff are effectively there to replace the packaging. If people don’t want to be helped, don’t. Some of them know what they need, but if they don’t, and they don’t want your help, you can’t do anything. Keep yourself busy cleaning or refilling bowls, always present but unobtrusively just in case they turn around with a question after all. Don’t harass, don’t push, don’t force them to smell a product. The only pressure I ever applied in selling things was when people with, say, sensitive skin were determined to buy something too harsh for their skin type; that’s very specific, not something you’d be expected to know yet. Just bear it in mind. If in doubt, smile and nod. Do a QEII wave if you have to! As long as people know you’re there to be asked for help, it’s cool. (It’s the mystery shopper thing, by forumites, aka big fans of the company – fans are always the harshest critics and they’re normal members of the public so impossible to spot. Lushies live in fear of them. Just be lovely to everyone, that’s the rule, and it’s a goodun.)

Don’t ask people if they want to try a product or have a demo because most people are just browsing like they would any shop and don’t trust you because you’re a weird stranger in an odd shop. You’ll know an opening when you see it; hopefully you’ll be given a run-down of your area (or the shop) before your trial begins so you’ll know what tools you have to hand. If you’re really stuck, YOU HAVE HANDS. Demo on yourself. Offer some to passing customers. Be active. Be creative. Eavesdrop on other sales, maybe do a drive-by “Oh, I love that one!” to back up someone else’s sale (be honest though, that’s a vital, vital aspect). Be positive about everything you use – if, like me, you hate the smell of Karma perfume, talk about what the scent is. If it applies, talk about people you know who use it. You don’t need to like everything but being able to sell products you aren’t keen on is a big skill.

I could go on but this is long enough. Do ask questions if you have any – most of this is what you’ll be told in a group interview or before a trial shift anyway, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

In summary:

Enthuse but don’t intimidate.
Smiles are amazing. Use them.
Start conversations over trivialities like what someone’s wearing or what they already have in their basket.
Get a handle on what Lush is about and what you like so you have something to talk about at least.
Think outside the box.

Sod it. I reckon this all counts for most jobs. But, hey, so it goes. I loved my time at Lush, I worked with a great team who are still really good friends and it was a lot of fun as well as bloody hard work, considering the pay, but I don’t regret it at all. And to think ten years ago I loathed the place! How things change.

If anyone else has anything to add please do comment cos why not. 😀

ALSO: this article is probably far more useful and informative.

30 thoughts on “On Getting A Job At Lush: The best advice I can give

  1. Erin Rumble

    Wow. I just wanted to send a big thank you for taking the time to write all of that. I have an interview tomorrow with LUSH, and I am a bit nervous. I have done group interviews before, just nerve wracking getting up in front of people. I have never been into a LUSH store before (well, before today. I went in today lol), but I have to say I was very impressed. As soon as I walked into the door the staff were friendly and they greeted me and asked “Have you ever been into a LUSH store before?” My response was no. She smiled to me and started asking me what kind of things I was interested in. I have always had an obsession with anything coconut. She informed me that a lot of LUSH’s products are made with coconut oil because it is very good for your skin. She brought me over to a few displays and let me smell a few things. She asked if I wanted a hand massage because I was looking for a body scrub. I was in heaven when she brought over this almond and coconut smoothie and sugar babe. She massaged it into my left hand and washed off the lotion. I compared it to my other hand and I couldn’t belive the difference! She explained that the sugar babe (has coconut oil) and it washed the dead skin away. I couldn’t stop touching my hand. I jokingly said I need to go home and bathe now because the rest of me feels dirty. She then went on to recommend ocean salt. Which I used on my face tonight, and it feels…AMAZING. All in all, I dropped a lot of money in that place, on my first visit. Money well spent. My first LUSH experience was one to remember. The staff was dancing to the music, and laughing and trying on different products and recommending things to customers. The atomesphere just seemed at ease. And I really would love to become a part of it. I want to give a customer, what a LUSH employee gave me, the satisfaction of knowing that LUSH products are all natural, great for your skin and smell soooo amazing! With so much to choose from you can’t go wrong! Wish me luck for tomorrow! Again, thank you so much for writing all of this!

  2. amysworlds

    I got an invite to a recruitment event tomorrow and I’m quite scared!
    Right now I’m trying to write a cover letter….and I’m glad you wrote this because a lot of the advice you gave are things that I like to do anyway!

    Thank you!


  3. Erin Rumble

    I got the job at Lush ! lol I’ve been there for about 2 months now. I love it. I love the people I work with. I love the customers. Just everything about it is awesome.

    I’m sure you’ll do fine at the event! In our group interview we had 3 demos and we had to demo them infront of everyone. Just make sure your not shy and remember BE YOURSELF! I was a bit nervous when I was demoing a bath bomb. But that all melted away when I took a deep breath and just did it! I pretended to be a magician lol. My bosses liked that, thought it was pretty creative. Just be creative! Be yourself and you’ll do great.

    Let me know if you get the job! I’ll help you with the floor interview! :]

      1. ewasr Post author

        Nope. I’m afraid that bit’s up to you. Each interview at each shop will be different so there’s no advice I could give that would be of any use!

  4. amysworlds

    Aww man 🙂 I didn’t get the job in the end, I didn’t do enough demo’s on customers in the hour floor trial i had. (although I did demo’s, just not on customers) and didn’t ‘contribute to enough to the atmosphere of the store’
    C’est la vie ladies, I am not too upset!

  5. MARIA

    I’ve done everything imaginable Befriended sales assistants, hand out my resume and cover letters 5-6 times, be enthusiastic, listed my favourite products, etc. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!?!??!!??

    1. ewasr Post author

      Double check the contents of your CV and cover letter, mainly; you may not have highlighted the necessary skills or your interest boldly enough. Not all places will hire frequently and hey may require more flexibility or something that might hinder your prospects. It’s worth trying other shops. And it’s easier to get a job during peak periods, ie the summer or near Christmas.

  6. Aurora

    Though I’m not a proponent or a fan of LUSH, I think your post has so many pieces of valuable advice for anybody looking to sell themselves as enthusiastic and sociable, especially in a retail environment. Thank-you!

  7. gill

    Going to my first recruitment event tonite, can’t wait, i’ve only been in a lush store 3 times as it is not in my home town, but i love the vibe there, and want to be a part of it. I don’t know nearly enough about the products but I am so eager to learn. Thanks for your blog.

  8. Leah LA

    You are awesome. I have a trial tomorrow for a sneaker shop and this is the kind of advice i’m googling MADLY for!

    You have been helpful, insightful and also opened up my mind! I don’t think enough words can suffice on how much appreciation I have right now for you! Haha!


  9. stardustxsiren

    Fortunately, I’ve already survived the group interview and was offered a position at the new LUSH opening near me. I just wanted to thank you for the reminders about how to be on the floor. I think the fun and genuine part of LUSH is what drew me in, and I love the “enthuse not intimidate” mentality. I hate pushy salespeople. I love genuinely interested employees who want to share the products they love.

  10. Katie

    I love this thank you for writing it!
    I’m a beauty therapist and make-up artist but at the moment just work in an ordinary shop. I had an interview at Lush last year for their spa and I got the job but due to illness in the family at the time I had to turn it down as I couldn’t leave for 3 months training. I would still love to work in their spa but as there is only one in Scotland I would love to work in one of the Glasgow shops. I have been keeping an eye out for positions opening up but if i went into the shop and just handed my CV and cover letter in would it be taken or would I be told to do everything online?
    Can I also ask what the hours are like working for them? I volunteer on Saturdays so by not being available on this day would this go against me?
    I love Lush as a company and support the causes they are passionate about. I still have all my fingers and toes crossed that one day they will be able to open up a spa in Glasgow.

  11. beautytherapystudent

    Years later and this blog is still helping people 😀 I have an interview tomorrow for a trainee manager and just needed a blog like this to tell me “you have the skills you need to do the job – go show them” and that is what I plan to do! Thanks xx

  12. Destinywilliams

    i have my group interview in like 45minutes…fingers croseed, dont know what to expect, but this was a great blog…..my only worry now is that maybe i look a bit over dressed wearing a shirt nd trousers lollllll…plus we where told to bring in an item that we love and describes us, im taking my bible with me cuz its something that i love,i can talk about and something i have a strong believe in just like lush believe in not using animals as testers?? what yall think???:)

  13. Cydney Helsdown

    i also want to say a massive thank you for writing this. it’s been so helpful, i was invitied to a recruitment evening two weeks ago and read this post so many times beforehand, i was called back the next day and have a trial shift tomorrow, i’m slightly nervous but mostlly excited because i know the products so well as i’ve loved the company for years. my advice would be, make friends with the people who work there, i’ve been in a lot over the past couple of weeks and we’re building a report, this will really give a good impression. i’m very confident about the trial shift and i am so grateful for this post for putting me at ease.. i think if i use the line ‘have you ever been to a lush store before?’ i will have the job in the bag 😉 so thanks again, you’re still helping people 2 years after writing this!

    1. loopylushette

      I love the fact that you posted your personal Advice on the web. 4 weeks ago I was invited to the big Lush Interview in switzerland, to be honest I was very very anxious if I had done well. And yes I thought I had screwed it up to the max *lol* Well obviously I didn’t!

      I was invited for a 2 hour trial at the Lush Shop… yes! I was petrified at first haha! But after the first 2-3 customers it felt just right 😀 I loved the trial so much that I totally forgot the time :O I was there for at least 3 hours just chatting away to customers XD I guess on 1 or 2 occasions I screwed up the ingredients but I explained I was on a trial and put the facts straight 🙂

      Wooohoo what can I say? 1 1/2 weeks later I got the job and can start in a couple of weeks :))) I’m so so happy getting the opputunity to work in such an amazing place 🙂 And yes I can start at the big store which has boosted my confidence ALOT!!! Thanks so much Lush and you Cyn for giving us this advice 🙂

  14. S

    Honestly, thank you so much for this post! There was a recruitment event this week where I live. I got invited by going into the store and enthusing about the products to one of the sales girls. I said I was a big Lush addict, and coincidentally I’m looking for a job (all true!). Right away she introduced me to her manager and we all had a great time talking. She invited me to the event and even gave me her personal email. I sent her my resume and when I showed up to the hiring event, I was completely prepared and confident in both my knowledge about the store and what I had to do – even if I was TERRIFIED of the unknown demos. Adding to the advice in this post: Retention is very important, you don’t have to have a good memory (mine is horrible) but you have to be able to think fast if you can’t EXACTLY remember something (ie: you don’t know what all the ingredients in the product you’re trying to sell is, well think of the ones you DO know or what the product DOES). Ask a lot of questions too, because repetition makes it much easier. Don’t crack under pressure. If you’re floundering don’t stop and say ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry’. Keep going!! I noticed a lot of girls would panic, and you can’t do that with a customer. You’ll look silly and like you don’t know what you’re talking about!
    As soon as I got home I already had a call from the manager asking me to meet with her again, and I’m going tomorrow. I’m nervous about having to actually demo on real people but at the same time I used to work in the salon in cosmetology school so I’m sure I am more than capable.

    P.s. some more advice for how I got this far that I think others missed out on… don’t show up to the hiring parties or offer to meet with the staff if you don’t have a resume prepared and aren’t dressed at least semi-decent. Lush has a funky style but that doesn’t translate to looking like a slob and lazy. Black pants and a neutral top with a simple, but well maintained hairstyle would be my recommendation. You can do some fun make-up but don’t go overboard. They love creativity!

  15. Dani

    Hi! I just RSVPed for the hiring fair this weekend and I’m updating my resume. Just out of curiosity is there anything specific in terms of past experience they are looking for. (I don’t have any experience with this sort of job but I learn quickly).

  16. Nicola

    Hey, i’ve just got to thank you for putting this out on the internet!

    I applied for a Christmas Temp job at my local LUSH but after a couple of weeks heard nothing, then on Facebook i saw that a brand new shop was opening about 2 hours away from me. I applied immediately but wasn’t really expecting to hear back…. I’m here now, reading this because, i’ve got an interview there in 2 days time! I’m SO excited and nervous. I really hope my not being local doesn’t go against me. Lots of people have told me they think i’d be perfect for the job so i’m hoping it will show through in my group interview. It’s also my first interview in 8 years, just to add more pressure, haha!

    But yes, this post has helped me so much in my frantic search for tips/advice.

  17. AmandaJ

    Thanks for posting this! There is only one lush in Nova Scotia and I am going to apply next time they are hiring!

  18. Fay

    I absolutely love Lush’s products and would like to get a job as a Sales Associate, but I’m only 17, a senior in highschool, and have no work experience. Where I live, Georgia, Lush starts hiring at 18 and I know someone 16 who recently got a job there, although he’s a guy, so I wonder if that may have influenced it (ie. they most likely get way less male than female applicants, and probably want at least one man working there to make male customers feel more comfortable). There’s a job fair at my local Lush on March 30th, and I’m wondering if it’s even worth bringing in a resume when my only work experience is as a dog sitter for neighbors and a photographer’s assistant for my mom’s freelance business.
    So, basically, what I’m asking is if there are any of you who have hired or been hired at Lush with next to no prior experience in ANY field, not just retail?

    1. LUSHie

      Fay, I currently work as a Paralegal in a firm dedicated to health insurance subrogation. I just turned 22 and have no experience in this field nor did I know what subrogation was when I applied. I let the interviewers know that I am a hard worker and extremely dedicated. More than a year later, I’m still here!

      I also wanted to thank the publisher for writing this post! I have an interview on Wednesday at LUSH (for a weekend only position). I am in school pursuing my Aesthetic license and LUSH would provide such a fantastic opportunity and would supplement my education! I seriously cannot wait to work with customers -if I get the job.

      I wish everyone luck!

    2. Olivia

      Hey Fay! I don’t have any idea if you’ll still get this a year later, but I figured I’d chime in. I live in Georgia as well, and you MUST be 18 legally to work at Lush. We handle knives. The only way a 16 year old would be hired is to do stock — but I don’t think many stores do that. :/

      That being said, experience is definitely not the most important part. Take the advice above and show up prepared. Wow the interviewer with your knowledge and people skills, and you’ll get right in. Good luck!

  19. Lush Employee

    As a Key Holder at Lush, this post is actually everything we’d be looking for in our shop. Those four key aspects are exactly what got me promoted 2 weeks ago. In order to work at lush, you literally just have to love where you are. There’s no way to go above and beyond and pamper your customers and actually ENJOY doing so if you don’t love it. Simple things like saying hello, listening, being kind, sharing enthusiasm and knowledge are what get you a spot on the floor. When you love what you represent things like product knowledge, ec’s of selling(you’ll know what I mean after you’re hired) and customer reviews come with flying 100’s because it’s literally nothing more than just being kind and humane. Lush has been a life changing experience for me. Mainly because Lush has a way of finding extremely special people that bond well together. The company has also shown me to embrace myself and not be afraid of who I am. I stumbled across the job almost by accident. I had no idea what lush was until the day of my interview which hopefully gives anyone who wants to work there some hope. Reguardless, to work at lush you have to fall in love with the company, the people, the products and most importantly yourself. Thank you for writing this because it beautifully explains everything we represent. Never thought a retail company can be so soulful. Goodluck to anyone interviewing and hopefully, you’ll become part of our family. It’s an awesome roller coaster to ride.

    P.S. If you get hired, the roadshows (training sessions) are absolutely AWESOME! Especially if you leave near NYC like I do and get to visit 5 star hotels in the middle of time square to get facials (Whoops! I mean face demo’s) ;)!

  20. vanessa

    Wowzers. I was planning to apply as a temp in August and this really helped. I’ve basically been studying, if you like, the lush product book. The job sounds like a challenge and that’s exactly why I want in! I want to show myself I can do more and be more!

  21. Amber S.

    Eeeep! This is incredibly helpful. I’m hoping to attend my local shop’s hiring fair in a couple weeks. I’m hella excited. I’ve made friends with one of the employees there, and every time I go to the shop with one of my friends, I start showing them products and having them smell my favorites. The most recent time I was there and showing one of my friends a bubble bar, the manager came by and said, “Giving her the grand tour?” with a smile. I told her that I couldn’t help it because I love the products so much and want all my friends to know about them. Then we talked for a little, and I found out that she and I share the same name. She said she’ll be able to remember me 🙂 I feel pretty confident that I’ll at least be called back for a group interview, and because the shop is on the smaller side, I think I’d feel incredibly comfortable working there. Thanks so much for all the great advice!

  22. chlomarshie

    Awesome advice! I’m looking to apply as a Christmas temp and this helped tonnes, especially the little details like how complimenting customers can help determine if they’d like to be approached. On with the cover letter!

  23. Meg

    I got a job at Lush, and I start in September but j just find it awkward to talk to customers! I know what things I’m meant to be saying but I can’t quite put them together? Maybe it’s nerves, but have you got any opening starters to customers? 🙈


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