Red Hair, New Job

I am writing this with a lot of mud in my hair. It’s a routine I’ve been through many, many times before, and it’s still a massive yet satisfying hassle to splodge into your hair and then wash out the slick clumps that smell like Morocco. The suds go green. It’s delightful. Lush’s Caca Rouge, if you’re curious – it gives one’s mane the glorious autumnal conker shade that would get a horse labelled “chestnut” but gets me labelled “ginger” in the wrong light.*

This is possibly the last time I’ll do this wonderful bit of silliness seeing as it’s been nine months since I left Lush and therefore don’t need to show the excellent effects of their hennas, but it’s been fun. I am typing this while continually wiping leakages from beneath my mummy-like head covering of cling film – my ears are orange, my right thumb is orange, I have an orange tide mark across my forehead which is making me giggle (thank heavens for fringes) – and I’m effectively being held captive by this stuff. I can’t leave the house or do anything strenuous. I’ve been reading Nightmares & Boners, a marvellous blog that I recommend highly (probably NSFW but worth it, my friends!), catching up on various web comics and now I’m writing this, because what else do you do when you have mud on your head? Blog about it, that’s what!

I could very easily digress and go on to explaining why Lush’s henna is excellent, why I’ve loved using it, my tips on how to mix it and what to add to it to make it go redder, darker, shinier – but I won’t. Here are a couple of examples of what the henna’s done to my hair over the past two and a half years though; lovely colour, even if I do look like a red setter these days.**

Before, Every Month, Every Three Months

Anyway. I was going to update this blog just to say I haven’t actually been neglecting it, just not posting everything. It’s a mixture of some family drama times and that niggling sensation that nothing you’re writing is up to scratch and you’re driving yourself crazy trying to make it better but there’s just something indescribably off-key and poor about it that you drop it halfway through and go read something or catch up with True Blood or put the kettle on. I have PLENTY of books that I not only want to blog about but that I have STRONG FEELINGS about and want some responses to – but my wordings are failing me. So I am still working on this blog. It’s just taking me ages to sort my head out.

HOWEVER. Exciting news! I have a NEW JOB. It is with BOOKS. I will be a full-time bookseller (fixed term until Christmas!) at a Waterstone’s in central London. I am THRILLED – I’ve wanted to work with books since I was a child and now I’m finally going to, I am properly excited like someone’s just given me a big present covered in shiny shiny paper. I have no doubt that it’s will be hard work but that’s part of what excites me about this opportunity. I’ve spent so long putting effort into things that never that weren’t even remotely in the field that I wanted to be in, but now, even though I’ll probably just be unpacking boxes and stacking shelves, it’s going to be with books and I’ll talk about books and they will pay me for it and I’m incandescent with delight!

So now I have even more reason to blog a-times and hopefully the quality of these blog posts will go up and up. Also I haven’t ignored the video blogging thing either, I am just in need of a new non-beepy-noisy microphone. Easier said than done.

And as an aside – I’ve recently started “mentoring” my dad’s god-daughter, who’s eleven and just started secondary school. She’s not a natural reader but I’m trying to encourage her anyway, and to branch out from her EastEnders-ish telly and reading habits (not STOP, I know perfectly intelligent people who watch and read EastEnders-y things, but rather to try other things too). She’s reading Anthony Horowitz‘s Stormbreaker at the moment and is 50/50 about it (she’s very girly so the dissonance is intriguing and yet she’s enjoying the plot) and I’ve also given her my highly prized copy of Elizabeth Marie Pope‘s Perilous Gard to follow it up with. If anyone can recommend anything that’s not too imposing (she’s easily dissuaded from more intellectual pursuits as various encounters with adults have given her the impression that she’s not up to such things) but still has some “calorific value” as such, I’d love suggestions. I’m working up to giving her Ballet Shoes, Treasure Island or something along those lines.

SO. There we go. I will post an actual book review shortly. Ramble over! 😀

* Editing this post the day after the henna: it has darkened to a lovely warm cinnamon shade. It’s awesome. If you want a non-damaging alternative to chemical dye it’s a hassle to do but well worth said hassle because it makes your hair HELLA SHINY and is entirely natural. Yeah, even though I don’t work for Lush any more I’m still a massive fan of their products – 90% of what I use is still Lush. It’s just fantastic.


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