But I still intend to marry Madmartigan anyway.

It was pretty obvious that nothing was going to compare to Under Heaven, so I read Willow.  The book of the film.  The one with Val Kilmer, Warwick Davies, death dogs, the massive Lord of the Rings/Star Wars clone that scared the crap out of many of us when we were ickle.  That one.

Not going to lie – I enjoyed it.  I loved the film as a child and I still like it a lot more than I probably should.  Entertaining video coming up:

I don’t understand people who don’t see the sheer entertainment value of such a film.

The book was a quick read seeing as there’s not a lot to complicate things; Princess Sorsha’s abrupt change of heart is at least explained, which is nice, but she still ends up becoming a non-entity after her conversion.  Willow is freaking adorable, the baby gets a personality (I enjoyed the baby and her links with nature, I had a good laugh out of the sheer silliness of it all, especially being fed by wild animals) and Bavmorda, the fabulously evil Maleficent clone, is even more craggy and demonic.  Tremendous.

It’s poor Madmartigan who gets short-changed though – his story doesn’t equate to the crazy Kilmer racing around in carts fighting armed men or rolling down a mountainside in a massive snowball.  It’s not the same guy.  In fact, even inside the book, the Madmartigan child is completely different to the Madmartigan at Tir Asleen, fighting dodgy two-headed dragons and donning a strange pink-peach dress and going by the name Hilda when discovered with another man’s wife.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s such a disconnect it soured the tale a bit, given his mad personality is apparently even more baseless than Bavmorda’s evil, which is at least vaguely passable.  If you stand back and squint.

It’s of great importance given that when I was a child I was determined to marry Madmartigan because I liked his hair, and he was funny.  I was much easier to please back then.

But yes, I had fun.  Frothy fun.  Definitely for fans of the film and people who aren’t embarrassed to read books with awful 80’s covers on the tube.

Then I read The Court of the Air.  It took me about five days.  It’s not a very long book but it was exhausting to get through, as I shall tell you soon…


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